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"Recommended for adventure travel and Tibetan culture collections." ~ Library Journal

“An engrossing, fascinating read sure to be relished by those readers interested in adventure travel and Tibetan culture. It is also a highly spiritual story of faith which reminds us that nothing is really impossible, that obstacles are often magnified in the human mind, and that the journey is far more important than the destination itself." ~ Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review

“I came under the spell of Brandon Wilson’s lively and vivid prose. He is a fine writer—perceptive, funny, a great way with words—making the book a whooping good read.” ~ Royal Robbins, renowned mountaineer, author, and adventure kayaker

"A wonderful and wild read…charged, alive, and a little threatening. Yak Butter Blues flickers insistently like a flashbulb afterimage in the mind long after the book is tucked away….” ~ Richard Bangs, world-class adventurer/co-founder of Mountain Travel Sobek/author

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“A high-altitude tale of synchronicity, divine providence, begging monks, trigger-happy Chinese soldiers and dehydration.” ~ Rebekah Scott, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"A soaring travel diary. It places the reader in the thick of the action every bit as well as Marco Polo transported Italians to China and better than Lowell Thomas led readers in the dust of Lawrence of Arabia." ~ Joseph Bean, Book Reviewer, Maui Weekly
Sadhu Atop Pass

"An authentic travelogue and odyssey across miles of life changing landscapes and opportunities for memorable photographs. Sadhu, the horse who makes their journey possible captured my heart and the conclusion was more emotional than I expected. (5 stars)" ~ The Rebecca Review, Rebecca Johnson, Amazon Top Ten Reviewer

“A 600-mile foot slog through Tibet in which you can almost smell the dust and feel the blisters. Worth a read by any adventure or travel-trekking novel enthusiast.” ~ Backpacking Light Magazine

“ Told with humor and insight, this vivid narrative allows you to vicariously experience life at true Tibetan pace, one step at a time: so close, you can almost smell the yak butter.” ~ Michael Buckley, author of Tibet: the Bradt Travel Guide

"A true pilgrimage, one that plumbs the heart of troubled Tibet and teaches impatient and stubborn Westerners to slow down and appreciate this amazing planet." ~ Wanda Adams, Honolulu Advertiser, (Gannett)
Prostating Pilgrims

"If you've traveled independently through Tibet, Brandon Wilson's Yak Butter Blues will bring back memories…this lively memoir is sure to provide a yak-scented whiff of nostalgia." ~ Hannah Nordhaus, International Mountain Explorer's Connection

"Wilson leads us through a harsh and beautiful landscape and takes us into the hearts of the people who live there. Time and again he shows us that hardships can become blessings." ~ Jean Aspen, author of Arctic Daughter: a wilderness journey and Arctic Son: fulfilling the dream

"Vivid and engaging." ~ Burl Burlingame, Honolulu Star-Bulletin

"An awesome (in that old-fashioned use of the word) tale…Brave believing people on both sides of this trek…and a tale that deserves the telling.” ~ Marilis Hornidge, The Courier Gazette, ME

"Are you ready for a walk? Because it's doubtful after reading "Yak Butter Blues" you'll be able to sit still. Brandon and Cheryl are the ideal guides–passionate folks (not corporate-sponsored lackeys) delightedly figuring things out as they execute an improbable hike from Chinese-controlled Lhasa to Kathmandu." ~ Dan Austin, director of True Fans

“The compelling story of single footsteps through a harsh landscape." ~ Liz Janes-Brown, The Maui News

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“In this strange paradise, Wilson finds commonality with the Tibetans, yet mourns the continuing disappearance of their culture, noting that soon little will remain of it but their ancient yak butter tea. Fortunately, so will his book." ~ Andrew F. O'Hara, The Swan: Tales Of The Sacramento Valley

"Compelling and fascinating reading... A terrific travel adventure book!" ~ Bonnie Neely,

"Even Indiana Jones would have reconsidered the expedition…The Wilson's journey across Tibet serves as a beacon of light for a repressed people held captive within their own country." ~ Jeff Alt, award-winning author of A Walk for Sunshine

"This memoir is a journey within the author’s soul, as well as through Tibet…You might pick it up for its catchy title, but you won’t be able to put down until you know how the journey ends." ~ Tammy Petty Conrad, Reader Views
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"Inspiring, Engaging, Compassionate! The story and writing had heart, adventure, devotion, and truth. This book is a treasure to the Tibetan people and to the rest of the world. It gives us a true glimpse of Tibet and captures a beautiful land and culture that may not be around in years to come. Well done!" (5 stars) ~ Naomi C. Rose, award-winning author of Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas

Buddha Relief
"A moving and emotional testimony, and a travelogue that is the next most vivid experience to hiking upon the trail oneself." ~ Midwest Book Review, Buddhist Studies Shelf

An IPPY award-winner ~ Independent Publisher

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