YAK BUTTER BLUES by Brandon Wilson

An Independent Publisher IPPY Award Winner

An "Impossible" 1,000 Kilometer Journey Began With One Bold Step

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One couple dares to challenge the "impossible" and sets off on an incredible 1000-kilometer journey on foot across Tibet. Join their adventure from Lhasa, Tibet to Kathmandu as they attempt to become the first Western couple to complete this perilous pilgrimage trek across the wild Himalayan plains.

Alone, with only their stalwart Tibetan horse Sadhu, they face Tibet's ruthless environment head-on: the blistering winds, extreme temperatures, sandstorms, blizzards, high altitudes and the thinnest of air–made all the more challenging by exhaustion, hunger, illness, inflexible bureaucrats and trigger-happy soldiers.

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The Village People
A story of adventure–and the kindness of strangers.

The land and climate leave their imprints daily. Yet an even more lasting impression on these adventurers is created by Tibetan pilgrims, monks and generous villagers eager to share what little they possess: yak butter tea, the warmth of their family's fire, camaraderie and a steadfast trust in the Dalai Lama's return.


A tale of personal enlightenment.

In the shadow of Everest, the couple becomes an invaluable witness to a Tibetan culture pushed to the brink of extinction by brutal Chinese occupation for over fifty years. They also discover the human link connecting us all, a link that becomes clearest on a trek that removes the distractions of modern life as it unveils the truths of "deliberate travel." It's enlightenment – one-step-at-a-time. Together, they discover a sense of greater purpose, wonder, a renewed faith…and what it takes to survive.

In Everest Shadow72dpi
A riveting tale of human endurance; a startling eye-opener and eulogy for a vanishing Tibet.

Come along on their physical, spiritual and emotional pilgrimage through the highs and lows in this colorful, candid and classic tale.

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Yak Butter Blues is now available in a new Spanish edition.


Tibet Route Map
Chapter I. Never Say “Impossible”
Chapter II. A Hundred Yak Butter Lamps
Chapter III. So Long, Shangri-La
Chapter IV. If Wishes Were Horses
Chapter V. A Crooked Little Finger
Chapter VI. The Road Less Taken
Chapter VII. Showdown In Shigatse
Chapter VIII. Village Of Fear
Chapter IX. Passes And Passages
Chapter X. Keeping The Faith
Chapter XI. Zen Answers
Chapter XII. In Quest Of Mount Everest
Chapter XIII. A Simple Act Of Defiance
Chapter XIV. Words Of Hope
Chapter XV. The Snowy Road To Hell
Chapter XVI. A Bridge To Freedom
Chapter XVII. Ghoda! Ghoda! Ghoda!
Chapter XVIII. Flags Of Solidarity
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