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Lowell Thomas Gold Award Winner, Society of American Travel Writers Foundation
Book of the Year Award Finalist
ForeWord Reviews Magazine

"Along the Templar Trail is a vivid and eye-opening blend of history, adventure, religion, mysticism and modern conflict…It is simply one of the most remarkable adventure stories of our time, and one that proves that with the right combination of character and determination great things can be done, and the eyes of the world can be opened.” ~ Richard Bangs, adventurer, author/host of the PBS television series Richard Bangs' Adventures With Purpose, co-founder Mountain Travel Sobek


“More than the mere adventure of two brave men, it is a grand and noble quest for peace, as well as a spiritual voyage that will leave readers emotionally and intellectually replenished… I immensely enjoyed reading this book. His writing combines a marvelous sense of Zen with good humor, and his personal style makes you feel as if you were there taking part in it all…” ~ Mayra Calvani, reviewer, Boston Globe/MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"A fascinating testimony of faith and gumption that inspired two men to take seven million steps for peace. A must read…" ~ Arun Gandhi, president, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence


"Brandon Wilson is strictly fast-forward in his exhilarating Along The Templar Trail: Seven Million Steps for Peaceˆ Wilson’s remarkably attractive account will galvanize couch potatoes…" ~ ForeWord Reviews Magazine

"If we want peace on earth, we must make the effort to embody peace with each step. Brandon Wilson's inspiring journey, told beautifully in this book, is a living example of peacemaking." ~ Cindy Sheehan, noted peace activist

Along the Templar Trail is a rhapsody on the theme of pilgrimage. May Brandon Wilson's goal of fostering peace along the glory roads of the world inspire a trail of pilgrims to create their own sacred journeys in the interest of world peace.” ~ Phil Cousineau, author of The Art of Pilgrimage and The Book of Roads

"Pilgrims are early travelers with memorable stories to share, and this author from Hawaii has many tales to tell as he and a Frenchman trek a historical route from France to Jerusalem. The author is a skillful narrator of people and places far from even the most adventurous traveler. Writing is descriptive and personal and purposeful." ~ Judges, Society of American Travel Writers Foundation, Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition (2009 Best Travel Book Gold-Winner)

“Fast-moving and inspiring… Previous readers of Brandon’s other books will be snapping this up. Great, touching and hugely interesting.” ~ Jessica Roberts,


“Written from the soul and salted in wisdom, Brandon Wilson's third adventure takes him and his companion along a centuries-old road haunted by the specter of war. Rich with descriptive detail, replete with humor and never lacking in the life-altering experiences of his previous journeys, Along The Templar Trail is arguably Wilson's most personal, passionate book yet – a resolute plea for compassion in an often intolerant world and a testament to the healing power of history.” ~ C.W. Gortner, author of The Last Queen

“The vivid prose and passion for adventure makes this book an exciting read… I love how Wilson captures the essence of any time or place and how he weaves together the story of his journey… You can live vicariously, although I must say I am more inspired than ever to walk each day.” (5 stars) ~ Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer


"A travel lodestone – a magical quest, a warts-and-all journey… Written with a sure touch, an appreciation of life's palaces and potholes, and an eye for the combinations of the real and the ridiculous that is unerring (plus a sense of humor which is always another name for a sense of proportion), this is a special book hovering above its obvious travel-shelf slot into a spot of its own." ~ Marilis Hornidge, Courier-Gazette, Maine

"Along the Templar Trail writes the message in brilliant, even blazing letters: Peace and prosperity are undeniably possible, and they can come in our time...for all time. If only a few more ordinary mortals had the will and fortitude of this author, we would live in a very different world." (5 shakas) ~ Joseph W. Bean, Reviewer, Maui Weekly

"Brandon makes a very convincing argument 'that one person can still make a difference in today’s world and that the time is now...' I feel empowered and moved by his tale and thoroughly enjoyed the resolve and intent of these two brave individuals as they spread the peace that we pilgrims know begins within." ~ Kathy Gower, American Pilgrims on the Camino


"Along the Templar Trail is written from the soul and in thoughtful, clever, and humorous style. In Wilson's own words, this is about a "...fellowship shared between pilgrims--those who travel with their feet--and those who join us with their hearts." This is the heartwarming story of an incredible pilgrimage, and it is impossible not to be touched by vision of peace and humanitarianism at the heart of this journey." ~ Zsuzsana Summer, author of The Now Age: Demystifying Spirituality, the New Age and the Metaphysical

“The first chapter really grabs you, shooting you off down the road for a journey that sparks the imagination and inevitably inspires the desire to take your own long walk.” ~ Dan Austin, founder of 88 Bikes, author of The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide and director of True Fans

“A unique journey that sweeps you along with vibrant energy, day-to-day adventure, hopeful encounters with "angels" and a longing for peace that breaks down boundaries and unites us all as members of the same human family.” ~ Rick Chatenever, Entertainment & Features Editor, The Maui News (Hawaii)

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"…This is one of those books you slow down and pace yourself like a pilgrim, because the wonder is in the journey… And, as he concludes his journey, he reflects on how deep his lessons have been on the five month road to Jerusalem – his suffering and hunger making him ever mindful of the suffering and hunger in a world that would rather build weapons to destroy than care for its own people. Take your time with this book. Savor every step. Brandon is at his best ever in Templar Trail, a truly heartwarming story of dedication, hope and love." ~ Andy O'Hara, author of The Swan: Tales of the Sacramento Valley

"The ancient rite of pilgrimage is a journey entailing great physical and mental effort. And if the pilgrimage is to succeed, there must be a transformation of the spirit–and realisation of new inner strengths by the pilgrim. Along the Templar Trail encompasses these essential qualities–and a whole raft of others–packaged in a compelling narrative. The book's key theme is a long walk for peace–along an arcane 2,600-mile trail from France to Jerusalem. The author and his companion are dependent on the kindness of strangers for much of the way: relating these encounters is where the book shines. Author Brandon Wilson has set high standards here–the book captured the prestigious gold medal for best travel book at the Lowell Thomas travel journalism awards." ~ Michael Buckley, author of Shangri-La, the Bradt guide

"This is a book of passion and courage: it tells the truth regardless of repercussions…But also, this is a lighthearted book of humor and gentleness... Whether you dream of following him or not, you will be inspired and warmed by reading about his journey." ~ Dr. Bob Rich, award-winning Australian author

“Along the Templar Trail is a timely, important book—a must read for every American. This is a first step to fostering peace and eliminating the root cause of war. Thought provoking, engaging and inspirational, this is a great read.” ~ Richard R. Blake, Education Consultant


"Another fascinating book about the author's amazing treks across continents… This book is a must read for his amazing determination and fortitude and dedication to his mission. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!" ~ Bonnie Neely,

I loved reading this book. At times I felt as if I were there walking with him—and I can barely walk within my own home...but I felt transported and I know my spirit was walking that trail. I will never travel again in body, but through his writings I have traveled to the Himalayas, Africa, and now through eleven countries along the Templar Trail… I thank the author for walking the Templar Trail and sharing it with all who will read and ponder; who will feel that spark of hope that the goodness inherent in mankind is alive and well... just at times obscured. ~ Linda Delgado, author/publisher

"Captured me from the moment I opened the book…you will read (it) over and over again since there are so many wonderful details that were included in this walk to Jerusalem for peace. This is the book you want to take with you on your journey to keep you motivated and perhaps help you to find your "angels." ~ Yvonne Phillips, FSII, reviewer

"For armchair adventurers who like to read of others travels and travails through distant lands, this is a perfect companion on a cold winter's night by the fire. For those who love to hike or walk long distances, this book can be used as a road map. Pacifists might look at it as a road map for making connections with citizens of other countries on the most basic level." ~ Barbara Hudgins, author of Crafting the Travel Guidebook/reviewer

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“…A recipe of two parts history, one part humor, a large dose of concern for his fellow peregrino, and a dash of “what is meant to be will be.” We, the armchair travelers, get to revel in descriptions that roll off the tongue like fine wine and cheese and exhilarating views from a mountaintop. But it’s the “angels” along the way and the many conversations in many languages that are the spices of this trip. They show us there is hope out there, whether in a fancy upscale plaza, a small dusty café or merely in the shade of a tree on the side of the road. They, like our pilgrims, are praying and dreaming of peace.” ~ Donna Coomer, reviewer, Between the Lines

"A fascinating tale of how one man experienced a trip through a diverse number of countries and yet found more similarities between people than differences." ~ Anna Weaver, Hawaii Catholic Herald

"Despite all the aching muscles, near-death collisions with speeding trucks, and more rain than the earth could need, Brandon is able to share through his words the beauty of the landscape, the grandeur of the history, and probably most of all, the wonderful people who, despite having little 'riches', opened their hearts and homes to these weary travelers. Everywhere Brandon walked, the message was perfectly clear from the 'average' man. "We want peace!" Now, if only governments could see that." ~ Jim Damico,


"Closing the pages of this most remarkable book and journey, I too said goodbye to 'seven million steps' on your arduous walk for peace… May your mission never end. But if it does, it is because it has been globally accomplished: all are now living in world peace. Thank you so much for your strength of purpose!" ~ Marlene Moon, Peak Performance Coach & Artist

"This book has it all: drama, suspense, danger, moments that make you cry, and others that make you laugh. You'll want to take your time, savor every step like you would if you traveled through exotic places and you didn't want to walk too fast and miss something important. If you think backpacking through two continents on foot through foreign countries with dangers of war, fatality, and the daily challenge of finding water, food and shelter is fascinating...imagine transforming an ancient path of war into a path of peace!!" ~ Simone diSanti, Reviewer/Video Producer,

"Peace activism assumes many forms and Brandon Wilson's new book "Along the Templar Trail" reveals the immense power of the simple pilgrimage. Wilson shows us that walking for this gentle purpose can evolve into a peace fellowship, one person at a time, inspiring a movement that transcends culture and has the potential to grow exponentially. Wilson's intentional footsteps of a true peacewager along with his vividly detailed pilgrimage for peace will touch the common place in the hearts of his readers with the quiet assurance that peace really is possible. A must read for peace activists and travelers alike." ~ Arlene Buklarewicz, Health Consultant/Reviewer

"Full of life, adventure, and meaning. "Along the Templar Trail" is a great read for those of us who wish we could be world travellers -- not of the casual sightseer sort, but travellers who want to rediscover history and obtain a vision of how that history resonates with today." ~ Kevin Farnham, author "How to Primers"/reviewer

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