“No one walks so safely as one who walks humbly and harmlessly with great love and great faith. For such a person gets through to the good in others (and there is good in everyone), and therefore cannot be harmed. This works between individuals, it works between groups and it would work between nations if nations had the courage to try it.” ~ Peace Pilgrim

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Anna-Marie Krahn of Pilgrim Roads talks with Brandon Wilson about the challenges of walking the Templar Trail pilgrimage route from France to Jerusalem and his book chronicling that journey, Along the Templar Trail

Brian Peters of Cheap Travel Radio speaks with Brandon Wilson about the Via Alpina and Alpine trekking for budget travelers (Jan. 6, 2011 episode starts at 31 minutes into show)

Stephen Hartshorne of
GoNomad recently spoke with Brandon Wilson about packing light, choosing the right footwear and writing top-notch travel books

Listen to this new, interesting conversation between Brandon Wilson and Bob Fisher of the Philosophical Traveller as they discuss the challenges, fears and joys of hiking the Via Alpina and the rapidly changing Alpine eco-scape.

Keith Breitbach of "Lost in America" recently spoke with Brandon Wilson about ways to slow down, clear the clutter and lighten the load on the trail and in life.

Alistair Wearmouth at Away.com recently discussed the dangers and satisfactions of long-distance trekking with author/adventurer Brandon Wilson. In this fascinating interview, they talk about what keeps you motivated when things get really tough, and the beauty and secret of light packing.

Barbara Hudgins, reviewer and author of
Crafting the Travel Guidebook, recently convinced Brandon Wilson to reveal the secrets of writing his new travel adventure book, Along the Templar Trail.

Diane Brandon of
Living Your Power interviews Brandon Wilson about "Pursuing Your Passion." He shares his experiences and what benefits he has derived from allowing himself to explore the world by trekking through other lands. His experiences teach us that the good we can derive from following our passion is not limited to the enjoyment of the experience itself, but extends to unforeseen riches that may enlarge our being and understanding.

Mayra Calvani of
BlogCritics books spoke to Brandon Wilson about his passion for adventure travel. As he says, "Ignore the naysayers and conformists. Life is too short for regrets. Have confidence in your dreams. Follow your passions, wherever they lead. Small joys still exist in our world. Discover the moments of magic and serenity in secluded places. See the world for yourself without hesitation or fear. Discover a personal peace, and as Gandhi once said, “Be the change you would like to see in the world.”

Bob Fisher of
Travelosophy.ca talks with author Brandon Wilson about his latest walk for peace —an intense, difficult and inspiring odyssey — a journey to the heart of the human condition.

Tina Vindum talks with author Brandon Wilson about long-distance walking and fitness on
"Outdoor Fitness with Tina Vindum" on the Sirius Radio Network. Brandon offers simple steps we can take in our own lives towards peace and harmony.

Then Brandon talks about travel across Tibet, Africa and on the Templar Trail to Jerusalem on BlogTalkRadio "All Things that Matter" with Phil Harris.

Finally, Simone Di Santi of
ARoadReTraveled.com recently interviewed Brandon Wilson who shared intimate thoughts and never-before-seen photos from his historic expeditions. (See Video Interviews page.)