Walk a Mile in My Boots
selected essays by Brandon Wilson

"The body walks while the mind wanders."
~ Basho

Escape from the distractions of the everyday world.
Discover beauty, art, history, delicious food, fresh air – and tranquility.
Find the answers you truly seek along these pilgrimage trails. "Solvitur ambulando."

Camino de Santiago, Spain
"If the idea of exploring Europe is met by a "been there, done that" response, think again. There’s a unique option whose concept started long before the advent of those whirlwind package tours. You can walk all or part of the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain for an intimate, at-your-own-pace exploration of a country steeped in natural beauty, art, history and faith…" (cont'd.)
Via Francigena, England to Rome
"In the entire world, reportedly, there were three roads to Paradise in early Christendom. The first is the Camino de Santiago that meanders 500 miles across northern Spain. This has been trekked by millions of faithful for centuries on their way to pay homage to the remains of the apostle St. James in Santiago de Compostela. But in second position and gaining in popularity is the Via Francigena (The Frankish Route) from Canterbury to Rome…" (cont'd)
Templar Trail, Trekking from France to Jerusalem
"They often say, “Be careful what you wish for—you just might get it. Well, little could I imagine six years ago when the idea of walking to Jerusalem first entered my addled brain that I’d find myself actually attempting that trek—but life had other plans." (cont'd)
St. Olav's Way, Oslo to Trondheim, Norway
"I couldn't believe what confronted me as I crested the rise. Two moose, a mother and her calf, blocked my pathway. Slowly I lowered my pack and attempted to free my camera. But before I could capture them on film, they set off on an ethereal lope into the surrounding pine forest. Surprising, yes? But that incident was typical of the adventure and super-natural surprises I discovered on my recent 400-mile (643-kilometer) trek along the St. Olav's Way in Norway…" (cont'd)
St. Olav's Way, Selanger, Sweden to Trondheim, Norway
"Setting off on a walking pilgrimage, as I have ten times in the past, always fills me with elation, then uncertainty, and finally the ultimate thrill of letting go as I fling meteor-like into the unknown. Leaving home is often the best way to find yourself."
What is a Pilgrimage in Today's World – One Pilgrim's Thoughts
"A pilgrimage is the act of deliberate travel; traveling outside while traveling within..."
Lessons of the Trail
Walking gives you time for silent contemplation and may even reveal a bit of wisdom – if only we listen.
Reflections After Walking Across Tibet
A reflection on the hardships faced by everyday Tibetans – and the horror of cultural genocide.
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