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"Brandon Wilson jacks the vehicle of trans-African adventure for a ride so real you breathe the dust and drip the sweat while trundling down off-the-beaten tracks outstanding in the number and quality of their ruts…This is a masterful crossroads of characters, exotic places, history and human drama in a rig that never stalls, and allows the devil to drive his own ill-behaved backyard..." ~ Richard Bangs, adventurer/author of The Lost River and Mystery of the Nile, co-founder Mountain Travel Sobek

"…Journeys of body and soul in every sense of the word. The author writes with honesty and a sharp eye for detail, making this an invaluable amalgam of information for readers of adventure travel or anybody who is considering “do-it-yourself” safaris or simply visiting Africa. Interlaced with this honesty and detail are Wilson’s beautiful prose, obvious passion for adventure and a deep inquisitiveness about other cultures, making this book a pleasure to read. Highly recommended." (5 stars) ~ Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review

“It used to be only the British mastered the art of spinning the sweaty traveler’s tale. Along comes Brandon Wilson who teaches us that an observant fellow from Hawaii can deal with Africa’s grime, dysentery and uncertainty with superior grace and wit. Dead Men Don’t Leave Tips is honest, gritty and insightful. Best of all, it makes the world’s most exciting continent read just like that.” ~ John Heminway, author of No Man's Land: A Personal Journey into Africa and Yonder: A Place in Montana/film producer

“I was swept away by the drama and storytelling in Wilson’s book...Brandon Wilson is never a tourist. He travels heart-first with both feet solidly on the ground and his curiosity always in high gear. He is exactly the right person to be writing travel books for the rest of us.” ~ Joseph W. Bean, Book Reviewer, Maui Weekly

"Brandon Wilson is an expert storyteller who masterfully weaves a story of a seven-month odyssey across Africa. His exciting writing style keeps you on the edge of your seat as you journey to the heart of Africa. The detailed descriptions bring the story alive with the sounds, scents and sights of a real-life adventure…His writing unleashes an immense longing for the experiences he describes… Brandon Wilson's writing is the best travel writing I've ever read and his adventurous spirit is inspiring.” (5 stars) ~ The Rebecca Review, Rebecca Johnson, Amazon Top Ten Reviewer

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"That rare event: a travel book that transcends its genre to become a transformative journey of the soul into a disparate and gorgeously challenging culture, as seen through the eyes of a man determined to experience life as it is, rather than as it's presented to us…Travel writing at its most sublime, a paean to Africa in all her contradictory beauty, and a tribute to the resiliency of those who travel beyond boundaries not only in search of meaning, but also of understanding." ~ C.W. Gortner, author, The Secret Lion

"Travel is truly an art mastered by few and Brandon Wilson reveals an expertise that inspires. His writing style is a hybrid of Paul Theroux and Tom Robbins, combining the raw frankness and keen observation of Theroux with the intelligent humor and playful language of Robbins. Readers who have a penchant for traveling will happily devour this book and be sorry it ended. I was!" ~ Arlene Buklarewicz, reviewer

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"Entertaining and a monument to those who would take on the challenge of land travel across one of the most dangerous, unhealthy continents in the world." ~ Heartland Reviews

"One of the most engaging travel books we have read!" ~ Bonnie Neely,

"One of those books that inspires the dream of wanderlust while allowing the reader to take all the risks and suffer the discomfort and frustrations only vicariously." ~ Liz Janes-Brown, Maui News

"Like all good writing, this book does a lot more than entertain. Brandon is a writer with the eye of an artist, a basic decency and social conscience that in another book made him the champion of the suppressed Tibetan people. He has the humor of a cartoonist and the old fashioned ability to tell a good story." ~ Dr. Bob Rich, award-winning author

“Fascinating, informative, humorous, poignant, surprising, Dead Men Don't Leave Tips is a terrific read from first page to last - and would make a popular addition to any personal or community library Travel section.” ~ Midwest Book Review, Travel Shelf

“For quirky humor, fascinating character study, and glimpses of an Africa that most of us will never see, Wilson’s story is well worth the trip for the reader…Let’s hope that Brandon Wilson’s wanderlust continues.” ~ Debra Weaver, reader/reviewer

"Once again, the award-winning author, photographer and explorer has written a travel adventure tale that keeps you at the edge of your seat." ~ Reiko Matsumoto, Travel Writer MarketLetter

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"…More than a guide to Africa, but an in-depth, often times laugh-out-loud humorous look at the pitfalls of group travel in such a magical country…Traveling through Africa is not for the weak at heart, and “Dead Men Don’t Leave Tips” is a great place to start learning how to navigate through such an unpredictable adventure." ~ Hadley Goodman, Copper Press

"I couldn't stop laughing. But, despite the humor, Brandon also describes the sometimes heart-breaking images of people and places in the Africa you don't hear about from the travel guides. He really captures these moments, both good and bad. Highly recommended." (5 stars) ~ James F. Damico, adventurer

Wilson's acerbic humor and amusing antidotes relieve the personal tension that arises from twenty-three unlikely characters being thrown together for a five-month journey into the heart of Africa…moving and powerful. Extraordinary!" ~ Richard Blake, education consultant/reviewer

"… Both a delight and a puzzlement–the delight being the tale itself, the puzzlement being why they (Wilson and his wife–whom I equate with Tarzan’s Jane only less snobby) were so very determined to make this wild and wacky and often dangerous trip… It is, as many trips go, the end that really whomps you…” ~ Marilis Hornidge, The Courier-Gazette, ME

"Humorous, insightful and at times moving, this book almost has a taste of the nineteenth century explorer to it as the pair strikes out on their adventure, learning as they go. For those of us that would always take the "comfort route," it's well worth reading!" ~ Andrew F. O’Hara, author of The Swan, Tales of the Sacramento Valley

“…A book that makes you realize that, indeed, such things as taking a trip across Africa are actually possible for "regular" people. We see all the problems of arranging the trip, trouble at borders, problems with roads that are not much more than mudholes. It's presented with humor. But then there are the special moments, where the hassles of the trip fade into the background, and the reader is brought face to face with the beauty of Africa. It is these special moments, where the vital beauty of Africa is brought into focus, that stand out for me." ~ Kevin Farnham, author/reviewer

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