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Dead Men Don't Leave Tips:
Adventures X Africa
by Brandon Wilson

What Does It Take to Follow Your Dream?

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Quite a bit, if your dream involves crossing Africa.

That’s what one couple discovers when they set off on a seven-month, 10,000+ mile overland journey from Morocco to Cape Town. As dedicated independent travelers, they’d already traveled around the world. But was a trans-African odyssey too much for even them?

Enjoy these photos from the true, edge-of-your-seat African adventure book,
Dead Men Don't Leave Tips, plus a few more for our web guests. (QuickTime Player required)


Who do you "cadeau?"

How do you create tantalizing dishes from grubs? Or avoid having a spear tossed through your camera?

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Against their better judgement

they join an English do-it-yourself overland safari. Flung into the midst of twenty-one odd companions, they’re shocked to discover that many of them have never even camped before. And the "guides" know Africa as well as the dark side of the moon. After watching their dream turn into a nightmare, they eventually set off across Africa–alone.

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Join the adventurous couple

as they meet mountain gorillas face-to-face. Melt down during a blistering Saharan breakdown. Hunt dik-dik with Pygmies. Climb Africa’s highest mountain. Feel the raw power of the Serengeti. Hop the "gun-run" through a civil war. Rush down thundering Class V Zambezi Rapids and dive into South Africa’s cauldron of turmoil.

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DEAD MEN DON'T LEAVE TIPS is filled with a passion for travel, spontaneity and unbridled adventure.

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It's sometimes funny, sometimes anguished, yet always real.

Nothing is held back or glossed-over: from the hustle and hassle of the souk to shady dealings in black-market alleys, from border extortion to the thrill of sandmatting the Sahara eight feet at a time.

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DEAD MEN DON'T LEAVE TIPS is written with a keen eye for detail – and unsanitized for your protection.

It takes you onto the crazed roads of Africa, as well as into the lives and hearts of its people.

Wilson takes you along across this vast continent…through the everyday ups and downs, showing once again that the real joy of travel is the moment to moment thrill of getting there.


Chapter I. Gale Force Getaway
Chapter II. Afffricaaaaa! (Morocco)
Chapter III. Survival In The Sahara (Algeria)
Chapter IV. The Cosmic Dance (Mali)
Chapter V. Voodoo Wakes, Python Snakes (Togo/Benin)
Chapter VI. Baboon Platoon (Nigeria/Cameroon)
Chapter VII. Ubangui Anguish (C. A. R.)
Chapter VIII. Jungle Trance, Pygmy Dance (Zaire (Congo))
Chapter IX. Gorilla Stalk, Volcano Walk (Zaire/Burundi)
Chapter X. Whirling Wildebeests (Tanzania)
Chapter XI. Land of the Masai (Kenya)
Chapter XII. Challenge of Kilimanjaro (The Climb)
Chapter XIII. Border Extortion (Tanzania)
Chapter XIV. Leave Your Pants at the Door (Malawi)
Chapter XV. Road of Pain, Legacy of Shame (Mozambique)
Chapter XVI. Zambezi, Sea of Torment (Zimbabwe)
Chapter XVII. Barking Dogs, Invisible Walls (South Africa)
Chapter XVIII. Assembling the Mosaic (Retrospective)

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